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Patronal Feast 2022
Patronal Feast 2022

By God's grace, we celebrated our Patronal Feast with Metropolitan Nicholas and the Kursk Root Icon on Dec. 6, 2022.


Vladyka arrived with hierodeacon Panteleimon on Sunday, Dec 4, in the evening with the Kursk Icon of the Mother of God. On Monday Vladyka was able to visit two homes in the parish, blessing each home with the presence of the icon and a brief moleben. The hierarchical vigil began with the clergy and the faithful meeting the Kursk Icon and Vladyka, processing into the church with the joyous singing of the troparion of the icon.

The all night vigil began at 5 pm with the choir singing and the clergy singing in English and Church Slavonic. The vigil was attended by about 65 people.

Clergy serving at the vigil were: His Grace, Met. Nicholas, Hierodeacon Panteleimon, Archpriest Chad Williams, Archpriest Mochael Crowley, Archpriest Andrei Rudenko,( Priest Nathan Williams, directing the choir), priest Abraham Fortier, Priest Photios Zelinski, protodeacon Gregory Petrochko, and deacon Joseph Kimball. All the above were present at the Liturgy as well except for priest Abraham. At the Divine Liturgy Archpriest Spyridon Schneider was present and serving.

By God's grace, we celebrated our Patronal Feast with Metropolitan Nicholas and the Kursk Root Icon on Dec. 6, 2022.

At the Hours: Peter Paul Doughty was tonsured Reader for St John the Russian Church in Ipswich MA.

At the Divine Liturgy: Archpriest Andrei Rudenko was awarded the Palitsa; and Subdeacon Christopher Kimball was ordained to the deaconate to serve at St. Alexander Nevsky Church.


After the Dismissal Vladyka gave a homily enumerating the many blessing evident in the community and speaking of the great blessing of the presence of the Kursk Root Icon, and the prayers of St. Alexander Nevsky for our community. Following the homily Vladyka congratulated the visiting and local clergy, the parish council and the choir for their great labors in the church. At this time also was awarded to Alexey Gomartely and his wife, Alla Goferman, grammotas for their labors in the church and amongst the congregation. Archpriest Chad Williams was then given a commemorative jeweled cross marking the 725th anniversary of the Kursk Root Icon. These events were followed by the Many Years, a clergy and servers photo at the cross, and the kissing of the cross by the faithful.

Following the Divine Liturgy all were invited to a festal banquet where there were about 100 parishioners and visitors in attendance. At the banquet Fr Chad expressed gratitude for all the laborers who put forth many hours of service to prepare the services and the banquet, and for the blessing of a new deacon in our midst. Vladyka Nicholas then spoke commending the congregation on its spiritual life and urging all to service in the Body of Christ unto the salvation of our souls.


Vladyka took his leave with the Kursk Root icon while members of the congregation sang once again the troparion for the icon.

In the Narthex
 Glory to God for all things!
Glory to God for all things!
Glory to God for all things!
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