Saint Alexander Nevsky Church
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
15 Church Street Richmond Maine 04357
Monthly Calendar
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Schedule of Services
9:00am - Divine Liturgy

Hours begin at 9 AM. Liturgy begins after hours. Trapeza (lunch) at parish hall after Liturgy. Everyone is welcome. Daily Midnight Office and Compline are not being served for the time being.  Our prayer is that these regular services of the churc

3:30pm - Preparation for Holy Communion; Confessions

The Sacrament of Confession and Absolution is available Saturday from 3:30 pm until 5 pm.  And again, if Father Chad is not serving, during the vigil.  Confessions are also heard following the Vigil service.  

Confessions ca

5:00pm - Vigil

Confessions begin at 3:30 PM. Vigil begins at 5 PM.

Eve of Feast
4:00pm - Preparation for Holy Communion; Confessions
5:00pm - Vigil
9:00am - Divine Liturgy