Saint Alexander Nevsky Church
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
15 Church Street Richmond Maine 04357
General Information

Welcome! to St. Alexander Nevsky Church!  No one needs an invitation from us to worship God in His holy temple, the Lord God Himself invites us into His presence.  Please come whoever you are and from whereever you are!

The Divine Liturgy on Sundays will be served at 9 AM fall, winter and spring; June, July and August we serve at 8 am.  Feast day Liturgy times and other weekday service times are found on the calendar pages below. Following the Divine Liturgy on Sundays all are welcome to join us for lunch in the parish hall. 

Regarding Confession and receiving the Holy Mysteries: Visiting Orthodox Christians with the blessing of their spiritual father and who have prepared with the usual prayers and have recently (within the last two weeks) made confession may receive the Holy Mysteries.  It is always helpful to let us know by phone or email that you will be visiting and are hoping to commune.  In this parish confessions are made before and during the vigil on Saturdays and major feast days starting at 4 pm. Other times are available by appointment.

The church is usually open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3 for visits and prayers and before, during and after scheduled services. If you are planning a visit and have not heard the announcements the previous  Sunday you may wish to call the church office and confirm the church is open.

Midnight Office is usually served mornings at 5:10 am except when there is another service scheduled that morning. Compline is usually served evenings at 4:30 pm except when there is another service that same evening (see schedule).

The bookstore  is usually open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3 except on major feasts, and for a little while after the Divine Liturgy on Sundays.  If you are planning a visit to the bookstore it is a good idea to confirm the bookstore is open by calling the bookstore manager at 207-380-3997 since there are unexpected closures from time to time.

Glory to God for all things!

Service Schedule Calendar (choose the month and print if desired)