Saint Alexander Nevsky Church
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
15 Church Street Richmond Maine 04357
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Due to directives from our Metropolitan and the State of Maine we are taking various precautions against the spread of the Covid virus.  We encourage all to observe the standard precautions to avoid transimission of the virus. Please keep in mind that many in church are in one family or regularly visit in one another's homes and so naturally there is less distance observed between some of our parishioners.

Are you sick, or do you have symptoms of illness?  Have you been with someone who is sick?  If you have been exposed or have been sick please refrain from coming to church for the applicable period of time. If you have questions about this please call the church office.

The church is usually open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3 for visits and prayers and before, during and after scheduled services.

Midnight Office is usually served mornings at 5:30 am except when there is another service scheduled that morning. Compline is usually served evenings at 4:30 pm except when there is another service that same evening (see schedule).

The bookstore  is open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3 except on major feasts.  It is also open for a little while after the service on Sundays. If you are coming from afar it is always wise to confirm bookstore hours before coming.

Glory to God for all things!

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